Written translation includes translation of materials without certification, such as:
Web sites, tourist guides, brochures, booklets, catalogues, flyers, marketing materials, price lists, menus, instruction manuals, declarations, biographies, multimedia CD-ROMs, letters, literature in the field of economics, finance, medicine, law …
The final stage of each translation consists of proofreading and checking by a native speaker.


1 SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION – Simultaneous interpretation is performed simultaneously with the speaker’s presentation, significantly saving time. This type of interpretation requires additional equipment (translation booth, headphones, microphones …) The Smart team of simultaneous interpreters has many years of experience and guarantees top-quality interpretations during symposiums, conferences, seminars, workshops, trade shows, press conferences, presentations, meetings, assemblies, etc.

2 CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION – Consecutive interpretation is usually performed in the presence of a small number of people (business meetings, meetings with lawyers, notaries, etc.). Consecutive interpreters translate to the target language during the pauses of a speaker’s presentation.

3 CHUCHOTAGE – Whispering translation is a translation service where the interpreter sits near people who need translation, explaining/ translating the spoken text quietly, yet in a clear voice.