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Translations to 24 languages of the EU + proofreading for free:


☆ Bulgarian ☆ Czech ☆ Danish ☆ English
☆ Estonian ☆ Finnish ☆ French ☆ Greek
☆ Croatian ☆ Irish ☆ Latvian ☆ Lithuanian
☆ Hungarian ☆ Maltese ☆ Dutch ☆ German
☆ Polish ☆ Portuguese ☆ Romanian ☆ Slovak
☆ Slovenian ☆ Spanish ☆ Swedish ☆ Italian

Your satisfaction is our primary concern!

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]mart translations is a part of Smart Group in charge of translation services and proofreading.  Highly qualified and experienced team of court interpreters, translators, professors and lecturers specialized in different areas. The quality assurance of our teams’ work is many years of experience in translation and satisfaction of clients we have been working with for many years.



Some of our clients include:

Prijevodi Prijevodi Prijevodi
Prijevodi Prijevodi Prijevodi


translations croatianTranslations
Translations into more than 20 of the world languages, free translation cost estimate, experienced translators, respect of agreed deadlines, speed, professionalism… [ico_arrow url=”http://translations.smart-jezici.hr/translations”]More…[/ico_arrow]
Court interpretersCourt interpreters
Translations certified by court interpreters include translations of personal documents, translations of legal documents…[ico_arrow url=”http://translations.smart-jezici.hr/court-interpreters”]More[/ico_arrow]
Proofreading and correction
We offer proofreading and correction of all types of texts in the shortest possible time-frame.
Proofreading includes stylistic and linguistic editing…
[ico_arrow url=”http://translations.smart-jezici.hr/proofreading-and-correction”]More[/ico_arrow]
Text writing and transcription
All authored texts are creative and of high quality as well as optimized both linguistically and stylistically, their quality and clarity will be recognized by all who….[ico_arrow url=”http://translations.smart-jezici.hr/text-writing-and-transcription”]More[/ico_arrow]
Escorting interpreters
Are you in need of an interpreter for a meeting or conference, someone who will accompany you to a medical examination or be at hand when you visit a foreign country? Someone who will greet foreign guests? [ico_arrow url=”http://translations.smart-jezici.hr/escort-interpreters”]More[/ico_arrow]
imagesGraphic design, layout, pre-press and printing More

The price for written translations and proofreading is calculated according to the number of standard pages, which serve as the basis for the price calculation. 1 standard page includes 1500 characters with spaces.
The minimum charging unit is 1 standard page.
The price of urgent translations and proofreading increases the standard price by 50%.
According to the daily norm, translators can translate 4 standard pages of Croatian text into a foreign language and 6 standard pages of a foreign language text into Croatian, while the editing norm is 12 standard pages per day.
The prices for translation and proofreading vary depending on amount, type and complexity of the text, technical processing (scanning, etc.), and the time and manner of delivery.

We offer special conditions/rates for regular clients!
Note on interpretation services: consecutive interpretation lasting longer than 1 / 1.5 h requires two interpreters.
Having an exclusive contract with us enables smoother and easier work progress. Our regular, contracted customers are provided with more favourable conditions and prices of translations.


We invite all native speakers with excellent knowledge of a foreign language, and translators with a minimum of 2 years experience in translating to send us their CV!


• Excellent command of a foreign language (minimum 2 years experience)
• Excellent use of computer programs (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) including a translation tool (Trados..)
• Professionalism
• Flexibility
• Responsibility
• Reliability



1. TRANSLATIONS OF CVs, PAPERS: KN 70 / standard page* (1500 characters with spaces, for standard languages **)

2. We have joined the EU, do you need to translate web pages or other documents?
Take advantage of our special offer ☆ ACTION EU TOP 3 ☆
Translations from Croatian into English, German, Italian and vice versa ONLY 75kn + VAT!

Offer expires on 30/09/2013.