Court interpreters

A court interpreter is a person appointed by the President of the County or Commercial Court, and his job is to translate, at the request of the court, person or entity, written or spoken text from Croatian to a target language, from a foreign language into Croatian or from a source language to a target language he is appointed for. Written translations certified by a court interpreter have legal validity and are identical to the original, which is guaranteed by the court interpreter for a particular language.

Translations certified by a court interpreter include:

• translation of personal documents (birth, death and marriage certificates, citizenship papers, diplomas, other certificates, statements, permits, authorizations, transcripts of various certificates, residence or work permits)
• translations of legal documents (certificates of residence, cooperation agreements, judgements, lawsuits, rulings, decisions, records, test reports, regulations, certification, covering note, etc.)
• translation of company documents (excerpts from company court registers, financial, statistical reports and audit reports, trading and sales contracts, invoices, tenders and tender documents, etc.)
• translations of medical and pharmaceutical documentation (medical products, research, etc.)
• translation of technical documentation (certificates, certificates of quality testing, etc.)
• translation of other texts, documents, certificates, resolutions, etc.
Delivery of documents is performed according to agreement; our company also performs the delivery service of translated and notarized documents to the address of the client.
Prices upon request.